A steel mill in Brazil uses fog cannons to reduce dust

DATE:2021-03-05 08:11:10



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A steel plant in Brazil uses our company’s 50-meter fog cannon for workshop dust reduction operations.

The steel industry is a typical heavy-polluting industry, and the dust on the roads of the factory is also a major source of affecting the health of the employees of the steel plant and the corporate image. In a long-process steel company integrating sintering, ironmaking, steelmaking, and steel rolling, dust emissions exist in almost all production lines during the production process. There are two types of emissions: one is organized emissions, that is, dust is regularly discharged through the exhaust tube, and this part of the dust can be stably discharged after dust removal treatment; the other is unorganized emissions, which refers to non-exhaust. The irregular discharge of gas cylinders usually comes from the raw material storage yard, the sintering and screening process, the tapping platform in the ironmaking system, the loading of the trolley, the blast furnace coal storage yard and the water slag storage yard or the fine powder water slag raw material storage yard. Steelmaking, unpacking, bag making, baking, standing, steel slag quenching or steel slag treatment, steel slag storage yard and lime kiln raw material storage yard in the steelmaking system.