A plant in Canada purchased a vehicle-mounted fog cannon to cool the plant

DATE:2021-03-06 14:41:19



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Dust removal fog cannon machine is flexible in operation and safe and reliable; it can push and pull freely, spray speed is fast, it has strong penetrating power and fog adhesion to objects, can effectively save water, environmental pollution, and high work efficiency. 380V mains power can be selected. , Diesel generator set can also be used. The advantage is that the internal screw device can make the fuselage smaller and longer range. Existing manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic dust-removing fog cannon machine series. For construction sites, coal mines and other dust removal can be customized production.


The horizontal rotation angle is 180°. Introduction to the structure of the fog cannon. The structure of the environmental protection dust removal fog gun machine has characteristics. It is composed of nozzles, air ducts, pumps, pump motors, push rods, steering motors and other components, which are indispensable. We use this equipment to make the on-site environment very obvious and there will be a lot of dust. The enthusiasm of workers will be corresponding in their work, and it will be very good for the environment of our entire city. The fog gun machine adopts advanced spray dust reduction technology to atomize the solution into particles equal in size to the dust. Dust is sprayed on or around the source. The dust particles are fully integrated with the water mist, and quickly sink to the ground under the action of their own gravity, so as to achieve the purpose of dust. The working principle of the fog cannon is based on the theory of liquid atomization and air jet.