What value can the dust suppression fog cannon equipment create?

DATE:2021-03-06 14:35:45



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With the development of science and technology, people also have a clear understanding of computers and have achieved good development. It is that the dust removal equipment has a further understanding and can be well promoted to a large extent. This is the fog cannon produced by Zheng Fan. Through the research and development of fog cannons, good results have been achieved so far. It uses advanced spray dust reduction technology to atomize the water into particles with the appropriate size of the dust through high pressure. Under the blow of the fan, the mist is directed to the specified direction, and the dust source and above or around the dust source are sprayed to cover. Let the dust particles and water mist fully mix, gradually condense into particle clusters, and quickly sink to the ground under its own gravity to achieve the purpose of dust removal. It has a large use area, low energy consumption, long range, fast and accurate spraying speed, and is currently a good environmental protection equipment. Mainly in construction sites, vehicle transportation, road cleaning, house demolition, coal yards, power plants, sanitation and sterilization, landscaping, tree watering, etc., it has played its value in use.

At present, this technology has a clear comparison to the test environment temperature, contrast humidity, spray height, pressure and other parameters, and the fog cannon equipment used has been greatly improved. In the future use, we will continue to research and innovate. It is the fog gun machine that can create great use value in this era of technology and change for the future of our country.