Model specification introduction of dust removal fog cannon machine

DATE:2021-03-08 13:17:05



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The main function of the dust removal fog cannon is to spray dust. It is specially used for the control of dust and sand at construction sites in urban development zones, demolition sites, station coal storage yards, coal washing plants, coking plants, iron mines, steel plants, ports, etc., and its water spray The distance is 60 to 160 meters, and it has the functions of sprinkling water and road washing, effectively suppressing the generation of dust. When the city encounters haze weather and the air quality PM2.5 is seriously exceeding the standard, you can choose an area at will to reduce the dust, decompose and desalin the particle concentration in the air, and quickly force the polluted particles and dust floating in the air to fall to the ground. , To achieve the obvious good effect of treating and purifying the air.

In recent years, environmental pollution has been serious, and the fog cannon machine has become an indispensable piece of equipment for engineering. However, there are many models of dust removal fog guns, the commonly used models are 30 type 40 type 50 type 60 type 80 type 100 type and so on. Different models have different prices.

At this stage, the prevention and control of respirable dust mostly adopts water mist dust reduction technology, and in order to improve the dust reduction efficiency, combined with the characteristics of respirable dust itself and the requirements of the work site, various improvement measures have been taken to improve the water mist technology, such as improving the properties of water mist. Magnetized water dust reduction technology, charged water mist dust reduction technology; there are also compressed air spray dust reduction technology to improve the atomization way, ultrasonic atomization dust reduction technology, rotary spray cover dust source technology and so on. The research on the removal rate of respirable dust by atomizing water mist with a mist cannon has a good purification effect, which provides us with an effective way to deal with dust pollution.

Dust removal fog cannon is divided into two specifications: remote control type and manual type. The operation is simple and easy to use. It can include a complete set of water tank installed on the sprinkler transport vehicle, with its own generator, good maneuverability, simple vehicle-mounted sprayer and excellent electronic control function during work, which greatly enhances the operability, and the driver can drive to the demolition Any dust-reducing area sprays to reduce dust, regardless of geographical restrictions, and the operation can be completed independently.