What are the effects of fog cannon dust removal?

DATE:2021-03-08 13:19:08



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In order to control the occurrence of dust, we have continuously researched and found that the use of advanced spray dust removal technology has produced a dust removal equipment, "dust removal fog gun machine". It uses high pressure to atomize water into particles of the same size as the powder. The water mist is projected to a distance through a fan to cover the periphery of the dust source, contact and become moist, and the moist dust particles are continuously absorbed, gradually It condenses into a cluster of particles and drops the dust under its own gravity, so as to achieve the purpose of quickly suppressing the dust. At present, many open-air stockyards, construction sites, vehicle unloading, docks, etc. are difficult problems for dust control. In the past, water spraying measures were used, but the small coverage area and large water consumption made the water spraying treatment effect unsatisfactory.

According to the user's actual pollution situation and the amount of dust, Zheng Fan designs long-range spray equipment and dust removal fog cannon to achieve the ideal dust control effect. It has strong skill, long range, large coverage area, and can spray accurately; the spray speed is fast; the sprayed mist particles evenly restrain the pollution of dust.

Dust removal fog cannon can be used with diesel generators, can be fixed on a pouring platform, can also be installed on a transport vehicle; easy to use, flexible operation, remote control and manual control operation, you can freely control and adjust the horizontal rotation spray angle; water consumption Small and there is no water on the ground Under normal circumstances, it has no dead ends when spraying, so the coverage area is large. And it can also be moved, which will help our work to be carried out smoothly. Therefore, the dust removal fog machine is a good equipment to control dust, reduce dust concentration, change the working environment, prevent industrial and mining accidents, protect the health of employees, and maintain environmental sanitation.