The use case of fog cannon machine in agriculture

DATE:2021-03-09 15:00:37



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1. The fog cannon can be used for spraying pesticides such as herbicides. This should be a common application in spray nozzles in agricultural applications. It sprays on the roots of crops at a narrow angle, and can be sprayed effectively regardless of low pressure or high pressure.

2. Moisturizing and fresh-keeping of vegetables and fruits. In supermarkets, in order to ensure that the water vapor of vegetables and fruits is not evaporated, a spray system is generally made of plastic spray nozzles to provide moisturizing and fresh-keeping spray functions for vegetables and fruits.

3. Water-saving irrigation of crops in large areas. We can often see grass spray humidification in daily life. According to the amount of irrigation, crops in large areas can also be sprayed evenly, water-saving and efficient with spray nozzles.

4. Humidification in fungus culture. Changyuan Spray has used FD fine atomizing nozzles to humidify mushroom farming greenhouses successfully. The fine spray nozzle effectively guarantees the humidity of the whole greenhouse environment, and promotes the mushroom reproduction in the greenhouse to be more orderly and larger.

5. Artificial snowfall provides a growing environment for crops. At 0°C, a spray nozzle can be used to spray a large area of mist, and then condense into Snow achieves the purpose of artificial snowfall and provides a favorable environment for the growth of crops.

6. Compared with other dust suppression spraying equipment, the water consumption can be saved by 70% ~ 80% (spraying, sprinkling locomotive), and the water mist covers the dust area Much larger than other dust suppression spraying equipment; The supporting power is flexible, and it can be supplied with three-phase 380V mains or diesel generator sets;

7. According to the different site layouts, it can be divided into vehicle-mounted mobile, fixed, trailer-mounted, high-tower split, etc. Specifications are available.