What is the effect of using a fully automatic fog cannon on the construction site?

DATE:2021-03-09 15:04:21



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In construction sites, dust reduction equipment is needed. Among many dust reduction equipment, the use of automatic fog guns is very popular. In addition to dust reduction and dust removal, this equipment can also have a cooling effect when used in summer.

Full-automatic fog cannon machine, range can be customized 20-80 meters, equipped with 3-35KW power generator, the advantage lies in the internal screw device, which can make the fuselage smaller and the range longer, equipped with 4 front and rear wheels, axles, and water tanks , Control cabinet and other supporting accessories.

Features of automatic fog cannon machine:

1. It can be equipped with the vehicle, it is flexible, the structure is tight, the layout is reasonable, the parts are exquisite workmanship, the product configuration is perfect, and the operation performance is reliable;

2. Long range, large coverage area, small sprayed water mist particles, rapid contact with dust in the air, and form a moist mist, which increases the weight of the dust, accelerates the deposition of dust, and inhibits the spread of dust;

3. Wide application range, high work efficiency, vehicle-mounted spraying while driving (selected according to the model), fast spraying speed, strong penetration to dust and fog adhesion, which can effectively save water and reduce the environment Pollution;

4. Remote control/manual control compatibility, quick start, flexible and convenient;

5. The microcomputer-controlled purifier can realize automatic rotation angle of 0-350° (the angle can be adjusted according to user requirements within this range), convenient spraying, large coverage area; hydraulic system controls the pitch angle (-5°~40°), The spray height can be easily adjusted.