What is the scope of use of the fog cannon?

DATE:2021-03-10 13:03:11



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Pesticide spraying in municipal gardens, green belts, orchards, etc., mines, coal storage yards, open-air stockyards, open-air dust control, environmental protection industries, enclosed coal, ore stockyards, truck discharge ports, and local dust pollution control for mechanical operations; coke 1. Dust pollution control such as coal dust pollution in coal washing plants and ports, and steel mill dust control projects.


In recent years, with the rapid development of coal, mines and steel plants, raw material yards, ports and other industries, the level of mechanization has increased significantly. However, a large amount of dust will be generated in various links such as mining, transportation and storage, which seriously threatens the safety of production and employees of industrial and mining enterprises. Healthy body. The air-driven dust-reducing sprayer provided by our company (under mine explosion-proof, ordinary plane, also known as fog cannon, wind cannon, atomization cannon, sprayer, spray fan, etc.) can effectively control dust, reduce dust concentration, and improve working environment prevention Industrial and mining accidents play an important role in promoting safe production, protecting the health of employees, and maintaining environmental sanitation.