The functions and characteristics of the various parts of the dust removal fog cannon machine

DATE:2021-08-10 16:18:30



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Dust suppression fog cannon machine is suitable for spraying and humidifying construction sites, workshops, road vehicles, large gardens, greening trees, road protection forests, lawns, etc.; coal yards, power plants, steel slag yards, iron ore yards, loading and unloading yards, Railway freight yards, urban roads, prevention of plant diseases and insect pests, and can also be applied to the environmental protection industry, dust-prone coal and other material storage yards, etc. to spray water to prevent dust, reduce dust, suppress dust, and cool down.

Dust-reducing fog gun nozzle: The dust-reducing effect is closely related to the diameter of the spray particles. It is more professional to atomize the water into suitable dust-reducing water mist particles. The dust reduction speed is fast and the spraying is more uniform. Water pump for dust-reducing fog gun machine: The water pump is the main component of the dust-reducing fog gun machine, which mainly realizes the delivery of water from the water tank to the nozzle and atomizes the water through high-pressure water flow. Therefore, the three-bar plunger pump with simple structure and convenient maintenance is adopted.

Fog cannon fan: The function of the fan is to generate high-speed airflow. When the fan impeller rotates, the high-speed airflow is ejected from the air outlet, The fine droplet stream formed by atomization of the nozzle is blown to the required area. The fog gun machine adopts a centrifugal fan with convenient drive, high wind pressure, high wind speed, and strong air penetration. This not only ensures the spray range, but also improves the atomization effect. The blades use backward curved blades with higher total pressure efficiency.

The steering positioning device of the dust reduction fog gun machine: a steering positioning device is set at the connection between the fan and the air outlet pipe so that the outlet direction of the air outlet pipe can be rotated 360° in the horizontal plane to adapt to the change of the operating wind direction; at the same time, in the air outlet pipe There is also a steering positioning device, which can adjust the elevation angle of the air outlet to meet the needs of different spray heights.