What are the structural characteristics of the high-pressure fog cannon machine?

DATE:2021-08-09 14:08:11



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The structure of the new high-pressure sprayer cannon has certain characteristics. It consists of nozzles, air ducts, pumps, pump motors, push rods, steering motors and other components, which are indispensable. We can use this equipment to significantly improve the on-site environment, reduce dust a lot, and increase the enthusiasm of workers in the process of work. It will also improve the environment of our entire city. The sprayer adopts advanced spray dust reduction technology to atomize the solution into particles equal in size to the dust, and project them to a designated location, spraying the dust on or around the source. Dust and water mist are fully integrated, and quickly sink to the ground under the action of its own gravity, so as to achieve the purpose of dust.

The new high-pressure sprayer also has the function of humidification and cooling, covering a large area, flexible and convenient electric (manual) operation, good dust reduction effect, and can improve environmental pollution. It has become an important equipment for environmental protection and environmental governance at present, and brings people to the living environment. Come for good convenience.

We have accumulated a lot of practical experience to continuously upgrade the products, the structure is more reasonable and stable, the operation is more convenient, the quality is continuously improved, and the service is continuously improved to help customers save costs and create value for long-term customers.