What controls the range of the fog cannon?

DATE:2021-03-19 13:39:54



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Fog cannons continue to be favored by people from all walks of life, especially in industries that produce more dust. Many customers always have a common question when consulting me "Can your fog cannon reach its range?" This phenomenon shows that fog cannon equipment There is a common phenomenon that the range is not reached. For example, if the customer wants 100 meters, the actual range is 90-95 meters. In this way, the problem that the customer is worried about has appeared. So what are the factors that affect the range of the fog cannon?

1. The overall design of the fog cannon, especially the outlet, inlet, and entire streamline size of the air duct is not in place to affect the range, which will result in short distance or scattered fog;

2. The shape of the fan blades, fog cannons with different ranges should be matched with fan blades of different shapes to achieve full range;

3. The size of the motor determines 50% of the range, but it does not mean that the range of the motor must be far away with high power;

4. Water quality. The water used for spraying should not contain floating objects as much as possible. After the nozzle of the equipment is blocked, the spraying distance will be affected. Although we have filters inside, we still cannot filter out magazines that are too big.