Why use explosion-proof fire-fighting fog monitors in coal yards?

DATE:2021-03-22 13:25:06



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Because there are more dangerous sources such as coal sheds and coal yards, the gas produced is a mixed type of combustible gas, so explosion-proof electrical equipment is used. The electrical equipment here includes explosion-proof fire water monitors.

For coal yards, coal sheds, and coal conveying belt fire water monitors, do we design and install them?

1. It should be ensured that the water column of at least one water cannon reaches any point in the coal yard;

2. The flow rate of each water monitor should not be less than 20L/s:

3. There should be two spray methods, direct current and water mist;

4. Local manual control should be adopted;

5. The system design of the fixed water monitor should still comply with the current national standard "Code for Design of Fixed Fire Monitor Fire Extinguishing System" GB50338.

It is ensured that in areas with higher risk levels such as coal yards and coal sheds, explosion-proof fire-fighting water monitors are used. Compared with ordinary fire-fighting water monitors, it is generally required that at least 2 water monitors reach any point in the room. The coal yard needs a water cannon to cover any part of the coal yard. The flow rate of the water cannon is generally 30L and above, and the commonly used ones are 30L, 40L, 50L, etc. Large-flow explosion-proof fire-fighting water monitors usually contain two spray methods, one is mist and the other is columnar. The columnar is mainly used to extinguish fires, while the fog is mostly used for cooling and dust reduction in coal yards.

Explosion-proof fire-fighting water monitors have been widely used in coal yards and coal sheds. At the same time, because of the separate structure of the explosion-proof fire-fighting water monitor detection equipment and the water monitor, the explosion-proof fire water monitors are more often fired.