What are the advantages of mobile fog cannon machine work?

DATE:2021-03-22 13:24:56



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1. Flexible, tight structure, reasonable layout, fine workmanship of components, perfect product configuration and reliable operation performance. It can be equipped with the vehicle and equipped with various light trucks or other transportable vehicles. The sprayer equipment can be placed on the vehicle at any time or unloaded at any time, which is very convenient;


2. Long range, large coverage area, small sprayed water mist particles, can achieve precise spray, quickly contact with dust in the air, and form a moist mist, which increases the weight of the dust, accelerates the deposition of dust, and inhibits dust diffusion;


3. The mobile fog cannon has a wide range of applications, high work efficiency, vehicle-mounted spraying while driving (selected according to the model), fast spraying speed, strong penetration of dust and fog adhesion, and can effectively Save water and reduce environmental pollution, high work efficiency, wide application range, fast spray speed, and can spray while driving;


4. Manual operation of spray canister, users can also purchase remote control spray canister, which is safe, flexible and convenient to use; it can control and adjust spray pitch angle and horizontal rotation angle at will;


5. The microcomputer-controlled purifier can realize automatic horizontal rotation of ±180° (the angle within this range can be adjusted according to user requirements), convenient spraying, large coverage area; hydraulic system controls the pitch angle (-10°~55°), which can be Convenient adjustment of spray height;


6. Fog cannons are suitable for dust suppression, dust suppression on construction sites, demolition and dust suppression, and are specially used for dust and sand control on construction sites in urban development zones, demolition sites, station coal storage yards, coal washing plants, coking plants, iron ore mines, steel plants, ports, etc. , Its farthest water spray distance is 60 to 160 meters, and the maximum water storage capacity of a bicycle is nearly 20 tons. The main function is spray dust suppression. At the same time, it has the functions of water spraying and road washing to effectively suppress the generation of dust. When the city encounters haze weather and the air quality PM2.5 is seriously exceeding the standard, you can choose an area at will to reduce the dust, decompose and desalin the particle concentration in the air, and quickly force the polluted particles and dust floating in the air to fall to the ground , To achieve the obvious good effect of purifying the air;


7. Equipped with high-quality water pumps, nozzles, motors, stable performance, safe and reliable, can be used in harsh environments for a long time, resistant to water, corrosion and rust;


8. The spray speed is fast, the range is high (far), the penetration and the adhesion are good; the coverage area is large, the mist particles are small, and when it comes in contact with the floating dust, it forms a moist mist, which can quickly inhibit dust reduction;


9. According to the actual pollution situation and the amount of dust at the user site, the mobile fog cannon can be tailored to achieve the ideal dust control effect. It can also configure trailers, water tanks, diesel generators, various light trucks according to customer requirements, or provide customers with configuration suggestions