What are the types of fog cannon fan collectors?

DATE:2021-03-25 14:28:47



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The collector is also called the bell mouth. It is an important part of the fan and the inlet of the fan. Its function is to evenly introduce the gas into the impeller when the loss is small. At present, there are four types of collectors commonly used in fans, namely: cylindrical, conical, arc-shaped and nozzle-shaped.

 In comparison, the main advantage of the cylindrical structure of the current collector is that it is simple to process, but there is a large loss, and the flow condition of guiding the air into the impeller is not good. The conical current collector is slightly better than the cylindrical one, but it is still not good. The arc-shaped current collector is better than the previous two types, and it is widely used in practice. The hyperbolic current collector has less loss, and the flow condition of guiding the airflow into the impeller is also better.

The disadvantage is that the processing is more complicated and the processing and manufacturing requirements are high, and it is widely used in high-efficiency centrifugal fans.

 The fan collector designed and manufactured by Zhengzhou Zhengfan has an arc structure. In order to ensure the operation parameters of the fan and the coordination of the arc section of the collector with other parts, when making the arc section of the collector, there are strict requirements on the arc profile, and there are also strict requirements on the diameter of the upper and lower openings. Various sizes and shapes of current collectors can be made according to the different requirements of different customers, and strive to make more beautiful and practical current collectors without affecting the performance of the fan.