What is the difference between a fog cannon and a traditional sprinkler?

DATE:2021-03-26 13:02:17



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In recent years, we have seen fewer and fewer sprinklers on the street, and more of it is a new type of equipment-a fog cannon. What is the difference between a fog cannon and a sprinkler? Why can it replace the sprinkler? In fact, everyone is familiar with sprinklers. The fog cannon is an environmentally friendly dust-removing and haze-removing device that has only emerged in recent years. It looks like a small steel cannon. It sprays water mist up to 60 meters high and has a maximum operating range. 120 meters or even farther.

The fog cannon is a new generation product of the sprinkler. It is more functional than the sprinkler, and the fog is more uniform, which saves water. And its role is far more than that, and its application range is very wide, such as: spraying pesticides, anti-virus in public places, cooling, and dust control during loading and unloading of various stockpiles.

Unlike ordinary water trucks, the fog cannon sprays not small water droplets but ultra-fine water mist. When the fog gun machine is working, through the high-pressure atomization system, the normal solution is atomized into tiny water mist particles, so that the sprayed water mist can absorb and absorb the PM2.5 and PM10 dust particles suspended in the air. Aggregate and settle, so as to achieve the purpose of eliminating dust and reducing haze. Despite the huge caliber of fog cannons, its spraying water consumption is only 20 to 30% of that of traditional sprinklers, and the coverage area and dust removal efficiency are 30 times higher. It can be seen that, The use of fog cannons can not only improve work efficiency, but also avoid excessive accumulation of water on the road, which affects traffic.

According to the introduction, the water consumption of the fog cannon is only about half of that of the traditional sprinkler, and the coverage area and dust removal efficiency are more than 10 times higher, and a lot of time is saved. Generally, the fog cannon is used in the section where the sprinkler works in 15 minutes. , 3 minutes is enough, saving time, water, and wide spray range.

In addition, the spray pitch angle and horizontal rotation angle of the fog cannon can be adjusted at will. The vehicle-mounted fog cannon can spray while driving, and it can also realize remote control. The water tank of the fog cannon is 1-10 tons. It can be customized to solve the trouble of adding water to the general sprinkler every time it works.

The spraying distance of the fog gun machine is long and the coverage area is wide. It can use tap water or recycled water (reclaimed water), and it has complete suppression ability for dust below 200 microns. Moreover, after spraying by the fog gun machine, the moisture content of the material surface increases by only 0.3%, which does not affect the normal use of general materials.

The use of fog cannons reduces the pollution of dust to the atmosphere, improves the surrounding environment and the working environment of on-site workers, and reduces the occurrence of dust on the body in various industries. Compared with sprinklers, it can create a wider society Benefits and economic benefits.