What are the main technologies of the fog cannon?

DATE:2021-03-26 13:04:12



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1. The dust removal effect is closely related to the diameter of the spray particles. The company has developed the soul component of the spray gun-the nozzle, which is more professional to atomize the water into suitable dust reduction water mist particles, with a fast dust reduction speed and a more uniform spraying.

2. Water pump: The water pump is the heart of the dust-removing fog gun. It mainly realizes the delivery of water from the water tank to the nozzle and atomizes the water through high-pressure water flow. Therefore, the three-bar plunger pump with simple structure and convenient maintenance is adopted.

3. Fan: The function of the fan is to produce high-speed airflow. When the fan impeller rotates, the high-speed airflow is ejected from the air outlet to blow the fine droplets formed by the nozzle atomization to the required area. At the same time, under the action of the airflow, the branches and leaves of the plants are disturbed, which is conducive to the droplets entering the inside of the crops and improves the control effect. The dust removal mist gun adopts a centrifugal fan with convenient driving, high wind pressure, high wind speed, and strong air penetrating power, which can not only ensure the spray range, but also improve the atomization effect. The blade adopts backward curved blades with higher total pressure efficiency.

4. Steering positioning device: a steering positioning device is installed at the connection between the fan and the air outlet pipe, so that the outlet direction of the air outlet pipe can be rotated 360° in the horizontal plane to adapt to the change of the operating wind direction; at the same time, another in the air outlet pipe There is a steering positioning device that can adjust the elevation angle of the air outlet to meet the needs of different spray heights.

5. Remote control device: The automatic type of dust removal fog gun machine can be controlled by a remote control, with a remote control distance of 100 meters, which can remotely control the start, rotation, and pitch angle of the machine, making the operation safer.

6. The installation method of the fog cannon is more flexible. It can not only be fixedly installed on the plane of concrete or steel structure, but also can be installed on the vehicle for mobile spraying. And the operation and control of the whole equipment is flexible. It is safe and simple to use, and it can not only spray at a horizontal angle, but also work at a vertical pitch angle.