What are the parts of the air duct of the automatic dust suppression machine?

DATE:2021-03-29 13:31:53



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The components of the environmental protection fog gun machine include: base, high-pressure pump, fan, control equipment and so on. The fan is the main component of the environmental protection fog cannon. The fan is composed of a wind pipe, a water spray ring (nozzle), fan blades and a motor. The choice of the fan directly affects the working efficiency and atomization effect of the fog gun. The fog gun machine relies on the air flow sprayed by the fan to further break and atomize the droplets, and make the droplets have the kinetic energy that can penetrate the dust. In this way, the mist droplets accompanying the micro gas injection are filled between the dust particles and fall together with the dust. The fan of the environmental protection fog cannon is an axial fan. Its air volume is relatively large, the efficiency is relatively high, the wind speed is relatively soft and uniform, the spray range is large, and the range is relatively long. It is one of the main components of the environmental protection fog cannon.

Fan blades are usually made of aluminum alloy, light weight, stable, high pressure and have a large air volume.

How the effect of atomization is determined by the quality of the nozzle. A good nozzle is usually made of 304 stainless steel, which is corrosion-resistant and sprays evenly, and will not cause a lot of water on the stacking yard. When it freezes in winter, it will not

affect the operation, nor will it cause secondary pollution to the environment. Now most of the adjustable nozzles are used. The user can adjust the atomization effect of the fog gun machine within the specified range according to their own needs.