What should I do if the remote control of the fog cannon doesn't work?

DATE:2021-08-11 14:13:34



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There are generally two types of remote controls:

1) There are those with small phone numbers that use an eight-way switch remote control

2) Other large remote controls for Ningbo

It is recommended to replace them in sets to avoid mismatch.

Note: The large remote control has been equipped with a batch of 18V-65V, please confirm the voltage before shipment.

What we can do if the remote control doesn't work?

1) Confirm that the emergency stop switch on the electrical cabinet has not been pressed, and whether the remote control fuse has fallen off;

2) Switch the control mode to the local control fan, if the action is normal, check the remote control and the line to the remote control;

3) Check the indicator light of the remote control, if it is red, replace the battery or reinstall the battery;

4) If the indicator light of the remote control is green, disassemble the receiver, turn on the power to see if the power light (red light) is on, if not, check the wiring in the electric cabinet. If the line is normal and the light does not turn on, replace the remote control (the receiver of the small number is in the electric control cabinet);

5) The remote control key is not in good contact, and also to see if the antenna of the receiver is loose.