What is the general reason for the small amount of atomized water by the dust suppression machine?

DATE:2021-04-06 13:52:59



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1. Filter clogging: The small filter commonly used in sprayers is generally a Y-type filter. The wire plug of the filter can be removed, and the filter screen can be cleaned and rinsed after taking it out. Large filters can be disassembled and cleaned according to the instructions. Generally, the sprayer is equipped with a filter upstream of the water pump. According to the water quality, it will be equipped with a backwash filter, a self-washing filter, a Y-type filter and other filters. The clogging of the filter will result in a smaller water flow in the entire water supply pipeline of the sprayer, and a smaller amount of atomization of the sprayer.

2. Unstable voltage and current: The spray fan is a high-power electrical equipment. In some working conditions, when the sprayer is in use, the voltage or current of the power supply line is unstable, which will also cause the water pump flow rate and water pressure to drop, which will cause the spray fan to atomize. The amount becomes smaller.

3. Nozzle clogging: nozzle clogging is generally divided into two types, one is foreign matter clogging, which can be restored by unscrewing the nozzle and cleaning it; the second is that there is a layer of scale on the nozzle position after the nozzle is used for a long time. After removing the nozzle, It can be solved by immersing and cleaning in acidic solvent. After the sprayer is used for a period of time, a layer of scale will form on the sprayer nozzle position, so that the nozzle aperture becomes smaller, so that the amount of atomized water becomes smaller.

4. Nozzle wear: In general, the spray wind will directly draw groundwater or river water as the water source. In some places, the water quality is not good and the sediment content is large. Without a proper filter, the pores on the nozzle will wear out and become larger after long-term use, so that the water pressure in the water ring will drop and the atomization will be worse.