What are the technical characteristics of spray cannons?

DATE:2021-04-06 13:53:49



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The Zhenton dust suppression fog cannon has the characteristics of rapid cooling, humidification and dust reduction, which provides a strong guarantee for dust reduction in production sites that are easy to emit dust, and has a significant effect on the prevention and control of plant diseases and insect pests in emergency agriculture and forestry in greening cities.

The dust suppression fog gun machine uses high-pressure water pumps and fine atomization nozzles to atomize the water, and uses the kinetic energy of the fan to send the water mist to a long distance, fully contact and condense the water mist and dust, and settle by its own gravity to achieve Important equipment for dust reduction, humidification, and cooling effects. The dust suppression fog gun machine can work for a long time and long distance, effectively suppressing the content of dust particles in the passing area.

Technical characteristics of dust suppression fog gun machine:

1. The tail of the fan adopts the original imported alloy stainless steel nozzle, which is resistant to wear, avoids rust and clogging the nozzle, and adopts sinusoidal sawtooth guide vanes to effectively reduce aerodynamic noise.

2. The control system adopts imported PLC programmable controller as the core control device of the system, and other related parts and components of the remote control adopt well-known brands to ensure the reliability of control.

3. Stainless steel multi-stage centrifugal pump, compact structure, saving equipment space; no need to add lubricating oil for maintenance, stainless steel material, superior corrosion resistance.

4. Aluminum alloy fan blades, aeroplane airfoil design, excellent aerodynamic performance can make the starting matching ability strong, and the starting loss is small.

5. The pitch angle hydraulic system is composed of a hydraulic station with a hydraulic lock and a double-click cylinder. It adopts a two-stage sleeve cylinder, which is small in length and has a good shock absorption effect and is not easy to damage.