Daily maintenance of fog cannon machine plunger pump

DATE:2021-04-07 13:06:02



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1. Adjust

Adjust the pulley of the sprayer and the pulley of the power machine to make the installed V-belt form a straight line. The V-belt cannot be loosened to prevent it from falling or falling.

2. Oil filling and oil change

Inject No. 30 engine oil from the refueling port so that the oil level is just half of the oil detection cover. Change the oil after 20 hours of use, and change the oil every 50 hours after the second use. The proper oil change time is when the machine cools down after operation, remove the oil drain bolt to drain the oil and clean up the debris in the crankcase.

3. Inject butter

The three oil cups on the cylinder chamber are often filled with butter, and the lid of the butter cup needs to be tightened clockwise for two turns every two hours of use.

4. Operation method of sprayer:

(1) Install the suction pipe, return pipe, and spray pipe to the suction port, return port and water outlet switch respectively, and be sure to tighten them so as not to leak.

(2) Raise the pressure regulating handle to a higher point and turn off the water outlet switch.

(3) Start the engine (please refer to the engine manual) and connect to the power source.

(4) When the machine is running normally, lower the pressure regulating handle to a lower point, adjust the pressure regulating screw to make the pressure display around 25Kg, and tighten the fixing nut.

(5) Release the water outlet switch to start spray operation.