Matters needing attention when choosing a fan for dust removal fog cannon?

DATE:2021-04-12 13:31:41



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Dust removal fog gun machine has a good dust removal effect, mainly used in industrial mines and coal mine construction sites, it can remove dust, reduce dust, and purify the air. As we all know, dust is formed by small particles floating in the air through the action of wind, and the water sprayed by general sprinklers is in the form of water flow, will not form mist, and cannot be combined with dust in the air to increase it. Specific gravity, to achieve the purpose of dust reduction.

The dust-removing fog gun machine is through the action of high-pressure water pump and wind, the water is atomized and combined with dust to increase its specific gravity and sprayed into the air, so that the fog particles and dust are better combined, so that the weight of the dust will increase and fall to the ground. To achieve the purpose of dust reduction. In addition, the fog cannon has a large coverage area, which can reach a range of 30 to 80 meters. In special circumstances, it can also be customized according to needs, which is better for users to use and choose.

Knowing that the dust removal fog cannon is driven by a high-pressure water pump and wind, so the fan is also the main component that affects the range. What are the main points of the fan that should be considered when choosing a fog cannon?

1. With high fan power, the fan should work in the area under normal conditions.

2. The operation should be balanced and the noise and vibration should be small.

3. The selected fan must have a certain static pressure and as large a dynamic pressure as possible, and the outlet air velocity must be as large as possible to increase the range of the dust removal sprayer.

4. Under certain power and wind pressure conditions, the air volume should be as large as possible. Large air volume can increase the spray range, good atomization effect and increase dust reduction effect. At the same time, the large air volume can also make the outlet flow velocity of the fan attenuate slower, and it can reach a longer range even when the outlet wind speed is low.

5. The outlet airflow should not only consider the largest possible axial forward speed, but also consider the appropriate rotation speed, so that the airflow will move forward while rotating, which can improve the penetrating ability of the fog particles and make the fog particles and dust better. The combination of dust makes the dust fall to the ground by its own weight.

6. The size of the structure is as small as possible to reduce the weight of the dust removal sprayer and reduce the production cost.