Is there any after-sales service for purchasing a fog cannon?

DATE:2021-04-16 13:35:07



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With the improvement and needs of my country's environmental protection work, various fog cannon manufacturers have appeared. The increase in brands has made it easier for users to purchase fog cannons, but to a certain extent it has also increased the difficulty for users to purchase fog cannons. Due to too many factors to consider, it is difficult for users to choose a fog cannon. Common problems include: the range of the fog cannon, the control mode of the fog cannon, and whether there is after-sales service for the purchase of the fog cannon.

As a fog cannon manufacturer, Zheng Fanji will explain to you "how to buy a fog cannon". To purchase a fog cannon, you must first understand what your needs are, what is the range and how to control it. Let's take a look together below!

1. The range of fog cannons: The range of fog cannons commonly used in the market currently ranges from "30 meters to 120 meters". Accordingly, the larger the range, the higher the price. The user can select the fog cannon equipment of the corresponding range according to actual needs.

2. Control mode: The current fog cannon machine has automatic, semi-automatic and manual control modes. Users should know that the greater the range of the fog cannon, the greater the volume and mass. Therefore, it is basically impossible to manually adjust the spray direction of the equipment or the angle of the fog nozzle. Therefore, when buying a wide range of fog cannons, although the price will be higher, the "automatic" adjustment method is a Good choice.

3. Installation and use: The installation method of the fog cannon is relatively flexible. It can be fixedly installed on the plane of concrete or steel structure, or it can be installed on the vehicle for mobile spraying, and the equipment operation and control are flexible. The fog cannon is not only safe and simple to use, but also can be sprayed at a horizontal angle, and can also be operated at a vertical pitch angle. If users need special customization, they can contact our company to customize suitable equipment.

Zheng Ventilator is an enterprise focusing on the research and development, manufacturing, sales and after-sales of fully automatic air blown spray equipment. The main products are remote control fog cannon, mobile fog cannon, fixed fog sprayer, vehicle fog cannon, Explosion-proof fog cannon, dust suppression and fog shooting vehicle, high-pressure spray and dust removal equipment, etc. Products are widely used in the ventilation and cleaning of dusty environments such as coal yards, mines, power plants, steel mills, construction sites, gardens, and environmental sanitation.

Zheng Fan also provides customers with a one-stop online remote centralized monitoring service for dust reduction and haze removal with a range of 20-120 meters. Buy fog cannons and find old-brand manufacturers. The configuration is flexible and diverse, tailored for you!