What are the performance characteristics of the dust removal fog cannon machine?

DATE:2021-05-25 08:20:35



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The following are the characteristics of the dust removal fog cannon machine:

1. The dust removal fog gun machine is compatible with manual operation, has the advantages of quick start, safe use, flexible and convenient, and also has the advantages of long range, large coverage area, small water mist particles, and rapid contact with dust in the air. A moist mist-like body that increases the weight of dust, accelerates dust settling, and prevents dust from spreading.

3. The dust removal fog cannon can be equipped with the vehicle, it is flexible and flexible, the structure design is tight, the layout is scientific and reasonable, the parts are exquisite workmanship, the product configuration is perfect, the product performance is excellent, and the operation performance is reliable.

4. The dust-removing fog gun machine has a wide range of applications, high work efficiency, and a vehicle-mounted type that can spray while driving (choose according to the model). The spray speed is fast, the dust has strong penetrating power and the fog adhesion, which can effectively save water and reduce environmental pollution.