What types of dust suppression and fog machines are commonly used on construction sites?

DATE:2021-05-26 09:04:16



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Fog cannon machines have now entered every construction site in every city. The models used are between 30m and 120m. The operation mode is divided into remote control type and manual type. It is simple to operate and easy to use. It can be installed in sprinklers including a complete water tank. The transport vehicle can be equipped with its own generator, which has good mobility.
    Next, let's learn more about the models and features of the fog cannon!
    1. Diesel fog cannon machine, ZT-40 composition structure: diversion guide vane, support structure, high-strength hollow shaft, stainless steel water ring, electric push rod, plunger pump, power distribution cabinet, worm gear reducer, diesel generator Wait. Range of 40-50m, fan power 2-7.5kw, water pump power 2-3kw, rotation angle 0-350°, noise 68dB,
    2. The range of the dust-reducing fog gun machine is 20-120 meters, and the range can be customized. It consists of a conical and straight housing, a collector, aluminum alloy blades, stainless steel water rings, protective nets, electric push rods, Travel switch, high-strength hollow shaft, lifting ring, electric control cabinet observation window, integrated cabinet, etc.
    3. This construction site dust reduction fog gun has a range of ZT20-140, consisting of a collector, stainless steel water ring, protective net, hydraulic cylinder, aluminum alloy fan blade, oil pump station, support structure, slewing bearing, electric control cabinet, left and right It is composed of reducer, heat dissipation louver, plunger pump, etc.
    4. The high-tower dust suppression machine can be installed on the tower. The spray range is 20-140 meters. It consists of a fine atomizing nozzle system, a protective cover, aluminum alloy fan blades, a stainless steel multi-stage centrifugal pump, a pitch angle hydraulic system, and an electric control. System, automatic temperature tracing control system, hydraulic pump station power unit, slewing support, etc.
    There are many types of fog guns produced by Zhengtong, which are suitable for a wide range. Users can go to our company's official website or call our company's meeting for detailed consultation!