The vehicle-mounted fog cannon has a good spray and dust removal effect in the quarry

DATE:2021-05-28 09:04:11



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The pollution of the quarry is mainly the dust generated in the production and operation, and the dust mainly comes from the operation process of rock drilling, perforation, blasting, loading and transportation. The generation of these dusts is unorganized emission. The amount of dust is related to the particle size composition, the water content of the rocks and the wind speed. These dusts can affect the surrounding environment. Both the human body and the animal respiratory system have an impact that cannot be ignored and should be paid enough attention.
    The dust control of the quarry needs to be combined with the actual situation on the site and adopt a practical and feasible control plan. We must not only recycle and control dust pollutants, but also take into account the operating sanitary environment in the plant, and achieve full-process emission control to achieve emission standards. But at the same time, it is necessary to ensure that the goal of low investment, easy maintenance, and simple structure of dust removal equipment is achieved without affecting the production process and equipment operation. Therefore, users must pay attention when choosing a fog cannon. Because of choosing a formal manufacturer of fog guns, no matter the quality, craftsmanship, design, and service can be guaranteed.
    In order to suppress the generation and spread of fugitive emission dust, Zheng Fan has developed a micron-level spray dust suppression device. Its dry mist dust suppression technology uses "cloudy" water mist to capture dust because of the particle size and dust size of the water mist. Consistent and similar, the sprayed water mist can stay in the air for the same time, which can fully combine the water mist with the dust particles in the air, increase the weight, and then settle down under the influence of gravity to achieve dust reduction, dust suppression and other dust problems .
    The fog cannon equipment produced by Zhengtong includes fixed fog cannon, mobile fog cannon, hand-push fog cannon, towed fog cannon, vehicle-mounted fog cannon, etc. The range of fog cannons is 20-120 meters can be selected by users, with flexible and diverse configurations, providing users with one-stop online remote centralized control and monitoring of 20-120 meters range of dust reduction and haze removal services.