High-pressure fog cannon machine can effectively reduce indoor and outdoor PM2.5

DATE:2021-05-31 08:49:45



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PM2.5 mainly refers to the micro-mist particles with a diameter of 2.5 microns and below in the air, which will form serious haze phenomenon, serious environmental pollution, and need to be treated in time. However, choosing spray dust to solve this problem has become more current. Effective way. Therefore, whether it is on roads or in places with a lot of dust such as construction sites, cement plants, gravel plants, etc., spray dust removal methods are used to quickly remove dust and reduce dust.

In view of the small particles of pm2.5, our high-pressure fog cannon series products can be considered when selecting equipment, which can effectively capture dust particles, quickly condense and settle, and reduce pm2.5.

Zhengtong is selected for spray dust removal. The high-pressure spray dust removal system uses industrial high-pressure pumps to pressurize and transport the softened and filtered water, and then spray it out by a special nozzle atomization, which can form 5 billion 1-15 micron water per second Fog particles can quickly absorb dust particles in the air, condense and settle.

In addition, the high-pressure mist cannon has the advantages of large and adjustable spray volume, fast humidification and humidity, high humidification efficiency, low energy consumption, low spray noise, long use time, and high cost performance.

The fog cannon machine also uses high pressure, but it sprays water mist 120 meters away through a fan. The spray volume is large, the distance is long, it is movable, the applicability is strong, and the water consumption is low, and it can be used in many occasions.

The high-pressure fog cannon has a good effect when spraying and dust removal. It can be used alone or in combination to quickly and effectively reduce PM2.5. In addition to the time, the high-pressure spray dust removal system not only removes PM2.5, but also has a good function of humidification, cooling, dust removal and static electricity removal in textile, electronics, printing, paper, spraying and other workshops.