Do you know the advantages of using a vehicle-mounted fog cannon?

DATE:2021-06-01 13:43:49



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Urban streets, construction sites, quarries, building demolition, coal yards, mines and other operations will cause serious dust pollution. The use of traditional water pipes or sprinklers for these dusts will not only control the dust with high cost, but also have poor effect and waste a lot The water resources cannot effectively control the dust. In order to better improve air quality, work safety, and living environment, the emergence of fog cannons has greatly solved these problems.
    The fog cannon produced by Zhengtong has obvious dust removal effect. It can be installed on the vehicle and can be easily moved for dust removal. It is also called a vehicle-mounted fog cannon. Because there is no specific name for the fog cannon, it is generally called vehicle-mounted fog cannon, fixed fog cannon, high-tower fog cannon, mobile fog cannon, etc. These names are also based on what users use. Evolved, users can also contact us according to their exact needs when purchasing, and we can provide you with a suitable fog cannon.
    The use of the vehicle-mounted fog gun machine adopts the atomization dust catching technology, no need to clean the dust, less water for dust removal, less water to be treated, no secondary pollution, improved working conditions of the staff, and other advantages. With water spraying and road washing functions, it can effectively suppress the generation of dust, and the spraying water consumption is only 20 to 30% of that of traditional sprinklers, and the coverage area and dust removal efficiency are 30 times higher, which not only improves efficiency, but also avoids excessive road surfaces. The stagnant water affects traffic.
    Zhengtong, as the main dust removal fog gun manufacturer in Henan, not only has strong practicability, obvious dust removal effect, cost of use, wide range of applications, reliable equipment quality, low maintenance costs, stable performance, and is well received by users. Favorite.
    The dust removal of the vehicle fog cannon produced by Zhengtong only needs to transport water and compressed air to their respective dust production points, and the entire dust removal system can be easily controlled by sitting in the cab, which greatly facilitates the management of dust removal. .