Zhengtong explosion-proof fog cannon machine has high safety level and wide range of use

DATE:2021-06-03 08:42:14



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Enterprises such as coal plants and power plants require all production equipment to avoid sparks due to their special environment. As a kind of mechanical equipment, the fog cannon inevitably has electronic circuits and other electronic components; at the same time, because the fog cannon barrel also has a high-speed fan impeller, considering various factors, it needs to be used. The fog cannon equipment that arrives must achieve explosion-proof effect while reducing dust, otherwise safety accidents are prone to occur.

Zhengtong explosion-proof fog cannon: air ducts, water pumps, motors, control cabinets, solenoid valves, etc., are required to achieve explosion-proof effects. At the same time, the fan blades including the fog cannon air tube are made of aluminum alloy, which can effectively prevent static electricity and electric sparks. The motor adopts isolated explosion-proof motor, the whole machine is safe and reliable, and it runs smoothly.

Environmental places where the explosion-proof fog cannon machine can be used:

1. Dust control in the storage yard, all coal piles, material piles, ash piles, and open-air loading and unloading operations of the storage yard spray dust suppression, spray or spray stabilizers and other dust suppression.

2. Construction sites, demolition and other construction projects, municipal infrastructure, construction waste, waste residues, handling and stacking, and other activities that generate dust pollution.

3. Material transportation, such as transportation of coal coke, sand, gravel, earth, garbage, muck and other vehicles and heavy vehicles that are prone to dust and pollutants, and dust pollution control due to material spillage or leakage during transportation.

4. Dust on the open ground, implement greening projects, and effectively carry out greening spraying and dust reduction measures.