How is the dust removal effect of the fog cannon?

DATE:2021-06-04 08:54:11



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The fog cannon machine developed and produced by Zhengtong can spray a water mist of more than 150 meters in length and a height of more than 50 meters. It combines the water mist with dust particles floating in the air to absorb and increase the specific gravity, and then achieves the reduction of dust pollution and haze. Effect. In addition, the fog cannon equipment produced by our company is simple, economical, and convenient to operate and maintain. Different fog cannon dust removal equipment can be selected according to different use sites.

Zhengtong’s fog cannons have a range of 20-140 meters to choose from. The types of products include air-supplied fog cannons, long-range fog cannons, vehicle-mounted fog cannons, fixed fog cannons, and mobile fog cannons. The hand-push fog cannon can be selected by users. It has a good atomization effect and can effectively capture the dust in the air, humidify and prevent dust at the dust point, suppress dust, and avoid dust pollution. diffusion.

The entire spray system of the fog gun machine produced by Zhengtong consists of a water supply system and a control system. The water system consists of pipes, valves, water sources, filters and dust removal atomization nozzles. The control system consists of sensors, solenoid valves and controllers. Spray suppression The dust system has the characteristics of easy operation, maintenance-free, fast and flexible.

Moreover, with the needs of different customers for fog cannons, Zhengtong fog cannon manufacturers have made targeted improvements and optimizations to the fog cannon equipment. For example, mobile fog cannons are suitable for dust reduction in gardens, agriculture and forestry, orchards, roads, etc. Spraying can also be used in large enterprises as environmental protection equipment for dust reduction in mobile factories, as well as fog cannon equipment used in mines. It has strong spraying ability and can work for a long time without interruption, which can achieve the efficiency of dust reduction in mines. The use of other fog cannons is not explained here. Friends in need can contact our company for detailed consultation!