What are the advantages of the fog cannon?

DATE:2021-06-04 08:57:34



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The following are the characteristics and technical advantages of the fog gun machine:

1. On the basis of years of research on nozzles, Zheng Tong has carried out repeated experiments and research on the dust removal sprayer. It adopts the fan frequency conversion start, hydraulic rotation, PLC control, optimized air duct design, and compares the dust removal sprayer with the same power. Other spray equipment in the industry consumes less energy, has more stable performance, sprays farther, and has lower noise. And in the design, the operating noise is reduced to fully meet the environmental protection standards, and the vibration-proof and noise-reduction technology is adopted to ensure the noise reduction of the working environment while environmental protection and dust removal.

2. The dust removal effect is closely related to the diameter of the spray particles. Our company has developed the core components of the dust removal sprayer-air ducts and nozzles, which are more professional to atomize the water into suitable dust reduction water mist particles and send them to farther places. The spraying effect is good, the spraying is more uniform, and the dust reduction speed is fast. It will not cause a large amount of water on the ground of the stockyard and cause secondary environmental pollution. Especially to avoid large areas of icing in winter, which will affect the working surface.

3. The coverage is wide, the amount of fog can be adjusted, and the practicability is strong. The range is optional from 20 meters to 120 meters. The level and pitch are both hydraulically rotated. It is also equipped with remote control, manual control, powerful control systems, and remote control. This method can solve the wind resistance and greatly reduce the failure rate. It can be designed with anti-freeze preheating. The PM detector 5. The control system has a reserved interface for heating, and the electric preheating function is added. The equipment will not freeze and damage during winter use. , It can automatically release water and heat automatically.

8. High safety. In places where the use environment is harsh and unstable factors are many, all parts of our company are brand-named, with automatic protection settings to prevent damage to personnel and equipment in the event of failure, and it is also equipped with hydraulic rotation. Reduce the vibration of the fan, and the motor starts at a uniform acceleration, which completely solves hidden dangers and prevents accidents.