What is the principle of dust removal technology for fog cannons?

DATE:2021-06-07 08:58:46



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The use of fog cannons can not only shoot down dust, but also decompose the smog. When it comes to smog, I believe everyone will be more familiar with it, because we are often troubled by smog. The dust control technology of the fog gun machine is the technology adopted. After the air purification technology and the traditional filtration technology, the energy consumption is lower, more advanced, and the new technology with more significant purification effect. It breaks the traditional photocatalyst, introduces ozone, blue light, and Xinyuan. Air treatment methods such as catalysts, negative ions, and carbon treatments.
    It is a new air treatment technology with good dust removal effect in the field of air and air treatment. Starting from the source, this technology can effectively suppress the generation of fugitive emissions and avoid secondary pollution during material handling, loading and unloading, and after dust emission. Capture and collect.
    The dust removal technology of the fog gun machine adopts the atomization dust catching technology. There is no need to clean the dust, the water consumption for dust removal is small, and the amount of water to be treated is also small. Through the high-pressure nozzle, the water mist can combine with the dust to form a group, because it sprays Water is a mist of the same size as dust. It can settle under the action of gravity without secondary pollution, thereby improving the working conditions of the staff. It is only necessary to transport water and compressed air to their respective sources of dust production. The purpose of cooling and dust removal can be achieved, and the entire dust removal system is controlled by a central control room, which greatly facilitates the management of dust removal.
    There are many types of mist cannon produced by Zhengtong, the production range is 20-120 meters, and the longer range. Users can contact our company for special customization. Its installation methods include fixed installation, vehicle-mounted installation, and high-tower installation. Installation, users can make specific adjustments according to their needs, but in order to achieve better dust removal effect, please be sure to operate it in accordance with the instructions of the fog cannon.