Can engineering fog cannons effectively cool down and remove dust?

DATE:2021-06-09 09:15:47



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In order to strengthen the control of dust and fugitive dust at construction sites, industrial and mining sites, engineering fog cannons have been included in the standard environmental protection equipment on the construction site. If the construction sites, industrial and mining sites want to meet environmental protection standards, they must be equipped with site sprayers. Our common ones are dust removal fog cannon, air blown fog cannon, dust reduction fog cannon, vehicle-mounted fog cannon, towed fog cannon, fixed fog cannon, mobile fog cannon, etc. Users can purchase and equip dust removal equipment reasonably to reduce the hazards of dust to the environment and health, and play an important role in promoting safe production.

The formation mechanism of the fine particles of the engineering fog cannon is very complicated. It is controlled by various factors such as the nature of the dust, temperature, wind speed, residence time and other factors, which can effectively achieve the effect of dust reduction and dust removal. However, the removal rate of fine particles is very low by conventional dust suppression equipment such as fog gun dust removal. If these fine particles can be further agglomerated to form larger particles during the dust removal process, the dust collection and sedimentation efficiency can be improved.

The fog gun machine used in industry has the following characteristics:

1. High range, strong penetrating power, strong wind speed, capable of maintaining refined spray and fine mist particles, and can restrain the dust in the mine.

2. The work efficiency is high, the speed is very fast, and its coverage far exceeds other spray equipment.

3. It has high reliability, credibility, and safety factor.

4. The spray elevation and horizontal corners can be manipulated at will, and the remote control can be maintained in actual operation. It can be installed on a fixed service platform, and can also be installed on a variety of light trucks and large tractors.

5. It will not be restricted by region, suitable for large and medium-sized industrial and mining enterprise disposal sites, where it needs to go wherever, the scope is wide, the work efficiency is high, and the speed is very fast.

No matter what type of sprayer you choose, it can improve work efficiency and reduce the total capital investment of machinery and equipment. It is much better than traditional self-spraying machinery in application flexibility and overall application power of machinery and equipment.