How about the dust removal effect of the new environmental protection fog cannon?

DATE:2021-06-10 10:19:11



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How about the dust removal effect of the new environmental protection fog cannon? The new fog gun machine has the advantages of powerful control system, uniform spraying, and high safety. It is now widely used in coal yards, construction sites, mining areas, coal storage yards, port coal yards, power plants, steel plants, coke and other dust pollution control and house demolition sites, water conservancy dams, highways and bridges, etc. to reduce dust and cool.
    Because the particles of the new environmental protection fog cannon are small, the surface tension is basically zero. When sprayed into the air, it can quickly absorb the large and small particles in the air, and can effectively control the amount of dust. The dust-fixing effect is obvious, and the atomization effect is obvious. In addition, the fog sprayed by the new fog gun machine does not produce water droplets and moisture, and will not have a corrosive effect on metal equipment. It protects the safety of production equipment. It is low in cost, environmentally friendly and energy-saving, fast in installation, reasonable in design, and cost-effective.
    The environmental protection new fog cannon machine produced by Zhengtong is an environmental protection equipment for the treatment of dust pollution. It can reduce dust and temperature in places with more serious dust, which plays a role in purifying the air and also lays a solid foundation for dust prevention and dust reduction. Basic, users can rest assured to buy!

    Let's take a look at the dust removal effect of the new environmentally friendly fog cannon machine!
    1. The effective dust removal rate can reach more than 98%. The new dust removal fog gun adopts the original ""fog cloud"" technology. The solution can be atomized into a cloud state of about 10 microns, so that it is fully integrated with the dust. The effective dust removal rate can be increased from 50% to 60% of traditional equipment to more than 98%.
    2. More than 20 times of high-efficiency and water-saving. After being atomized by the "fog cloud" technology, the "volume" of the solution can be enlarged by more than 10,000 times. While greatly improving the effective dust removal rate, the dust removal coverage of the same amount of water has been expanded by nearly 30 times, and the measured water consumption for dust removal in the same area is less than 5% of that of traditional equipment.
    3. 360° full coverage, no dead angle dust removal, the dust removal fog cannon machine adopts horizontal 360° free rotation and vertical -10°~45° vertical pitch adjustment function to ensure that there is no dead angle in the whole process of dust removal.
    4. The dust removal mist cannon machine is highly intelligent, easy to operate and easy to maintain.