Instructions for the installation and use of the fog cannon

DATE:2021-06-16 14:08:01



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People are paying more and more attention to the protection of the environment, especially during construction. In order to protect the ambient air, people’s breathing health, and the safety of workers’ operations, the use of fog cannons to remove dust has become more frequent and widespread. To ensure that it can be used normally and safely, correct installation is essential.

    Let's learn about the correct installation methods of the fog gun machine below!

    1. Open the side door of the fog cannon, put a drain pipe into the drainage ditch, and put the pipe with a strainer into the water tank.

    2. Check that the high-pressure water pump in the body is normally open.

    3. Adjust the lower part of the air duct and the screw rod, and the spray angle of the air duct is more suitable.

    The following are the instructions for the operation and use of the fog cannon:

    1. Observe whether the electric meter of the fog gun machine can reach 380V, connect the line and close the air switch in the background, and turn the knob to manual.

    2. Observe the forward and reverse rotation of the fan and start the fog cannon. If it reverses, please turn off the power and exchange any two fire wires.

    3. Check that the outlet of the high-pressure water pump in the body is normally open.

    4. Adjust the lower and screw rod of the dust removal fog gun machine, and the spray angle of the blower is more appropriate.

    The fog gun machine produced by Zhengtong specially selects heat tracing insulation materials and drainage devices to ensure that the equipment can be used to reduce dust during normal use in winter and achieve dust reduction in winter. Therefore, special treatment is suitable for larger particles that are produced in outdoor, open air and other working conditions. Dust is mainly used for dust pollution generated in open-air workplaces.

    The range of the fog cannon produced by Zhengtong is 20-120 meters. For special production, you can contact our company for customization. Users are welcome to come!