Zheng Tongxin launched a fully automatic vehicle-mounted fog cannon with these characteristics!

DATE:2021-06-16 14:11:27



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Nowadays, due to the influence of the local soil, large-scale equipment, wind power, etc., a large amount of dust appears in many construction sites, coal yards, mines, etc. The dust scattered in the air will block the line of sight and pollute the air, which will damage the surrounding equipment and people. In order to protect the environment, people’s health and safety, Zheng Tong has developed equipment and facilities for dust reduction in different places, studied different equipment use parts, and provided customers with practical, reasonable and efficient fog cannon products.

The main function of the fog cannon is spraying dust suppression, and it also has the functions of water spraying and road air cooling and dust removal. When the city encounters haze weather and the air quality PM2.5 is seriously exceeding the standard, you can choose an area at will for liquid mist to reduce dust, effectively Inhibit the generation of dust, decompose and desalinate the concentration of particles in the air, quickly force the dust and polluting particles floating in the air to fall to the ground, so as to achieve an obvious good effect of purifying the air.

Now our company has newly launched a fully automatic vehicle-mounted fog cannon. This fog cannon can not only spray a large amount of water mist to reduce the dust in the air, but also make the dust on the ground difficult to float. It has a large coverage area and fog particles. Small and uniform, high efficiency, long range, good dust suppression effect and so on.

This fully automatic vehicle-mounted fog gun machine also uses intelligent control, which is more flexible in operation and has a larger air volume. The water tank is equipped with a non-contact hydraulic sensor, which realizes the lack of protection of the water tank. Users can rest assured to choose.

This fully automatic vehicle-mounted fog cannon has a range of 20-140 meters, and is widely used in mines, coal yards, greening and maintenance, road dust suppression, epidemic prevention, quarries, demolition sites, truck discharge ports, Open-pit mining, construction sites, dump truck unloading dust, open-air blasting dust, closed unloading area and other heavily polluted areas, users can choose the appropriate range distance according to the scene used, Zheng Ventilator Manufacturing Co., Ltd. welcomes you arrival!