What inspections need to be done before the generator fog cannon machine starts

DATE:2021-06-18 17:57:16



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Diesel generator fog cannon machine has the characteristics of small footprint, compact structure, flexible control and quick start, so it is widely used. So what inspections need to be done before the diesel generator fog gun machine runs?

1. Grounding inspection: The diesel generator is not grounded when it leaves the factory and must be properly grounded in accordance with site regulations. Incorrect grounding and incorrect protection can cause damage to the unit and even casualties.

2. Reconnection test: Most AC generators can be rewired to adapt to different output voltages. Before changing the voltage, check whether other components are suitable for the new voltage, such as power-off switches, current transformers, cables and ammeters, voltmeters, etc. .

3. Insulation check: After installing the diesel generator, check the resistance of the coil first. At this time, the automatic voltage stabilizer should be disconnected, and the rotating diode can be short-circuited with a wire temporarily, or disconnected first, and all control circuits should be disconnected. Disconnect the wire between the midpoint and the ground, and measure the impedance from the terminal to the ground with a 500V megohmmeter or other similar instrument. The insulation resistance from the machine to the ground should exceed 2MΩ. If the insulation resistance is less than 2MΩ, the coil must be dried.

The above are the precautions for the inspection of diesel generator fog cannon machine before operation summarized by Zheng Ventilator Co., Ltd. I hope to help you.