What should I pay attention to when purchasing a dust-removing fog cannon?

DATE:2021-06-21 17:04:37



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What should I pay attention to when purchasing a dust-removing fog cannon?

Pay attention to the following points when purchasing: Whether the wind is strong, the range is far and near, the coverage is wide, the work efficiency is high, it is movable, and the operation is simple and convenient.
The main function of the dust removal fog cannon is to spray dust, and it has the functions of water spraying and road air cooling and dust removal. When the city encounters haze weather and the air quality PM2.5 exceeds the standard seriously, you can choose an area at will to carry out the liquid mist dust reduction, effective Inhibit the generation of dust, decompose and desalinate the concentration of particles in the air, and quickly force polluting particles and dust floating in the air to fall to the ground, so as to achieve an obvious good effect of purifying the air.

Let's take a look at the characteristics of the dust removal fog gun machine below?
1. Dust reduction, dust suppression, and humidification can be carried out at any time for dust, dust, smog, etc., which avoids unnecessary labor outside the working range and avoids the spread of dust in a large area. The atomization effect is good, the spraying is uniform, and the power consumption is low.
2. Saving investment costs. The fog gun machine produced by Zhengtong has strong mobility, wide coverage, remote control, convenient use, optional generators, independent equipment, water tank equipment, etc., convenient and flexible use and installation, no matter what the material yard is working The environment is still the geographical location, and there is no need for secondary investment, and there is no need to invest a lot of civil engineering and other infrastructure construction costs.
3. The fog cannon can remotely adjust the horizontal rotating spray angle, which is suitable for static pollution sources and dynamic pollution sources. It is flexible and convenient to use, safe, and saves human resources.
4. For places with large amounts of dust such as demolition sites, stackers, blasting yards, open stock yards, coal yards, bulldozers, etc., the spray direction of the dust removal fog gun can be remotely controlled or directional spray dust removal can be used to purify the working environment.
5. The water pump, water tank, pipeline and motor of the fog cannon have heating anti-freezing design, which is anti-freezing in winter and will not freeze and damage the equipment during use.
6. The fog cannon can atomize water into 30um~200um water mist particles. The size and spray uniformity of the mist can be adjusted according to user needs. Especially to avoid large areas of freezing in winter and affecting the working surface, the sprayed water mist is evenly sprayed to the material layer, which will not cause a large amount of water on the ground of the material yard, and will not cause secondary environmental pollution, which is in line with the advocacy "Energy saving and emission reduction" policy.