Good product for reducing dust and temperature in summer workshop-air blower fog cannon machine

DATE:2021-06-22 17:15:34



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The air-powered fog cannon has a range of 20-120 meters, divided into remote control type and automatic type and other specifications. The vehicle-mounted fog cannon adopts horizontal 360° free rotation and vertical -10°~45° up and down pitch adjustment functions, 350° full coverage, no dead angle spray, to ensure that there is no dead angle in the entire dust removal process. The fog gun machine has an average of 8000 hours of trouble-free operation and sprays. It is highly intelligent, simple to operate and easy to maintain.

1. The wind-driven mist cannon machine has strong wind force, high range (far), and good penetration. It can complete precise spray. The fine mist particles can quickly suppress the dust in the mining area. It has high working efficiency and fast speed. Its coverage area is much larger than other dust suppression spraying equipment;

2. The use of domestic high-quality diesel generator sets can make the machine stable, reliable and safe;
3. The looking-up point and the horizontal rotation point of view of the fog cannon can be adjusted at will; it can spray while driving, and can also complete remote control operation (in the driving room);
4. The supporting power is sensitive, and it can be supplied with three-phase 380V city power or supporting generator set;
5 It can be fixed on the platform or on various light trucks and tractors.

Air-supplied dust control machine is suitable for: construction site dust removal, factory dust removal, road vehicle dust, large gardens, road forests, lawns, etc. spray humidification, coal yards, power plants, loading and unloading yards, railway freight yards, urban roads, prevention of diseases and insect pests It can also be applied to the environmental protection industry, coal and other material storage yards that are prone to dust, spraying water to prevent dust, remove dust, suppress dust, and cool down.