What is the difference between an air fog cannon machine and an ordinary sprayer?

DATE:2021-06-22 17:18:57



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The air-driven sprayer is based on the theory of liquid atomization and air jet, first pressurizes the liquid with a high-pressure pump, then atomizes the water through a fine atomizing nozzle, and then uses the large air volume and high pressure of the high-pressure jet fan to atomize The latter water mist is sent to a longer distance, so that the water mist can cover a larger area while reaching a longer distance.

The air sprayer uses high air pressure to pressurize the water and input it to the high-pressure nozzle atomization device through a pipeline to form water mist that is sprayed in the air. Adsorb the fine dust and suspended particles in the air to achieve dust reduction. Air blower sprayers are divided into four categories according to their purpose: fixed air blower, high-range air blower, air blower, dust reduction air blower, and vehicle-mounted air blower.

The sprayer is a kind of machine that disperses liquid into a mist. It is a kind of machine. It is divided into agricultural, medical and other uses (such as industrial use). Agricultural use is classified as agricultural machinery. It is generally called the sprayer driven by human power, and the sprayer driven by the power (engine, electric motor). The sprayer is divided into hydraulic, pneumatic and centrifugal sprayers according to the working principle. According to the carrying method, it is divided into handheld, backpack, shoulder, pedal, stretcher, cart, self-propelled, vehicle-mounted, suspended, etc., as well as aviation sprayers.

Features of air blower sprayer:

(1) Strong wind, long range, wide coverage, high work efficiency, simple and convenient operation.

(2) Remote control operation is adopted for up and down, left and right, which is safe and convenient.

(3) Various forms of spraying such as constant, low volume and ultra-low volume can be realized.

(4) Three-phase 380V mains power can be used, and it can be fixedly installed on a lifting or concrete pouring platform for use.

Features of high-range air blower sprayer:

(1) The shooting range is long, the radius of the shooting range is 50-200 meters.

(2) The water consumption is small, and the water consumption is one-tenth of the water consumption of the traditional spray equipment.

(3) The dust suppression effect is excellent, which is much better than traditional spray equipment.

(4) Wide coverage, 360 degree rotation can be achieved.

(5) It is highly maneuverable and can be used as a mobile towing or full-vehicle mobile solution.