What are the requirements for the use environment of the fog cannon

DATE:2021-06-23 17:43:15



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The fog cannon is suitable for construction sites, garbage disposal sites, quarries, cargo transfer sites and other places that pollute roads. It can design a remote spray program according to the actual pollution situation and the amount of dust on the user site to achieve the ideal dust control effect. Its main advantage is that the particle size of the atomized water is very small, and it is easy to combine with dust particles to condense the dust, so its water consumption is greatly reduced compared with wet dust removal, which is only one thousandth of the water consumption of traditional wet dust removal, or even less .
    The fog cannon dust removal equipment produced by Zhengtong not only has the advantages of high dust removal efficiency, simple structure, low price, convenient operation and maintenance, but also does not produce secondary pollution and other advantages and safety. Therefore, the fog cannon has great advantages in dust control. Strong practical meaning.

    The following are the requirements for the use environment of the fog cannon:
    1. Ambient temperature: upper limit +40°C, lower limit -10°C, and the average temperature measured within 24 hours does not exceed 35°C.
    2. Altitude: The altitude does not exceed 2000 meters.
    3. Relative humidity: the daily average value does not exceed 95%, and the monthly average value does not exceed 90%.
    4. Verticality: The inclination between the equipment and the vertical plane when the equipment is installed does not exceed 5°
    5. Surrounding environment: a place free from fire, explosion, serious pollution, chemical corrosion and severe vibration.
    6. When it exceeds the normal conditions of use, it can be resolved through consultation with the manufacturer.