Dust control from the source-Zhengtong fog cannon machine to quickly reduce dust

DATE:2021-06-28 17:11:55



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Since the beginning of summer this year, the temperature has continued to increase, the rainfall is less, and almost every day is a hot and sunny day, which has brought a big problem to the construction site, and the emergence of the fog gun machine has solved this problem and became the rain and dust removal on the construction site. Weapon.

Fog cannons can effectively control dust, reduce dust concentration, improve workplace prevention of mining, and promote safe production, protect the health of employees, and maintain environmental sanitation.

The fog cannon machine produced by Zhengtong is a new type of dust suppression system. Its principle is to use a high-pressure pump to increase the water pressure to 20-40 kg, and pass the high-pressure pipeline to the high-pressure nozzle to atomize, forming a flying water mist. The water mist particles are micron-sized and very small, which can absorb impurities in the air, create a good and fresh air, and achieve multiple functions such as dust reduction and humidification.

The following are the points to pay attention to when connecting the fog cannon to the power and water source:

1) The fog gun machine uses the industrial frequency power supply provided by the generator set (can also be connected to the mains power supply), the rated working voltage of the motor is AC380V, and the output AC voltage of the generator set is 400V, 50Hz.

2) When using three-phase 380V mains power, there must be a power switch before connecting to the electric control box of the fog cannon, and there should be a good grounding on the power switch; the power cord should be connected to the electric control box of the equipment.

3) When connecting the power cord, the power switch on the front of the electric control box should be turned off and in the OFF position. The wiring can only be performed after testing and confirming that there is no electricity.

4) The three-phase five-wire system is adopted. When selecting the power cord, the wire diameter should be determined according to the total power stated in the product technical parameters to ensure that the power cord has sufficient load capacity.

5) When the water source is installed, a special valve for spraying is set up, and the water inlet of the spray gun machine and the water outlet of the water tank can be directly connected by pipeline after the half-work valve.