The working principle of the engineering fog cannon

DATE:2021-06-28 17:16:00



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Dust will appear during the construction of many construction sites, which will not only cause harm to the people on the site, but also pollute the environment. The engineering fog cannon machine is here to solve this problem. Now in the process of construction, it is The engineering fog cannon is indispensable, so Zheng Tong’s editor will focus on the working principle and advantages of this fog cannon.

The main working principle of the engineering fog gun machine:

Rotary centrifugal atomization features, using a computer image analysis system to accurately measure and analyze the diameter of the droplet, the distribution law of the droplet sedimentation, and the uniformity of the droplet deposition density. Through experimental research, we have mastered the mutual matching relationship and working principle of various parameters, and provided technical support for further optimization and improvement, industrial design, and precise process research of key components. The dust removal mist gun machine is the liquid output through the submersible liquid pump, and is transported to the highly rotating atomization turntable through the large flow channel conveying system. Under the action of high-speed centrifugal force, the liquid is atomized into fine droplets on the edge of the atomization turntable The turntable is thrown out in the radial direction, and the mist is blown to the front by the fan.

Advantages of engineering fog cannon:

1. Professional industrial modeling design, while meeting the safety, reliability, convenience and performance indicators of use, the shape is beautiful, fashionable, novel, and sophisticated in craftsmanship. The air duct and components are all sandblasted and sprayed with two primers and one top coat, and the paint is a well-known domestic anti-corrosion paint;

2. High power conversion efficiency, long range, large coverage area, fine and uniform fog particles, and good dust suppression effect. When the water mist comes in contact with the dust floating in the air, it is absorbed by the dust, increasing the specific gravity of the dust, inhibiting the flow of the dust in the air, and accelerating the dust settling to achieve the purification of the air;

3. The core control components PLC, switching power supply, emergency stop button, and fault indicator are selected from Japanese Izumi brand, and other parts and auxiliary materials are selected from well-known domestic brands to ensure product reliability and durability;

4. The main fan is a brand product independently developed by our company, and is controlled by a frequency converter to ensure the smooth operation of the fan starter and reduce energy consumption;

5. The remote control and receiver are imported from Switzerland and the top international ones are beautiful in appearance and resistant to damage, ensuring the effectiveness and accuracy of each control command.

From the above description, we know that the engineering fog gun machine is not just a product to talk about, but a product that can really achieve dust reduction. This kind of machine can make the air on the construction site fresh and natural, so this product has become a must-have for the construction site. One of the indispensable products.