When the fog cannon machine continues to supply power and water

DATE:2021-06-29 14:30:46



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Fog cannon is a kind of environmental protection equipment. Fog cannon is suitable for many construction sites. Because we now advocate an environmentally friendly society, the benefits of fog cannon are highlighted. It can improve dust and improve urban hygiene. When using the fog cannon, we often encounter some minor problems, such as the problem of water supply and power supply for the fog cannon, and the startup and operation of the fog cannon. Today, my editor Zheng Tong will explain to you.

When the fog cannon machine continues to supply power and water, please pay attention to the following points:

1. The fog gun machine accepts the industrial frequency power supply (or continuous main power supply) provided by the generator set, the rated voltage of the motor is 380 V, and the output voltage of the generator set is 400 V and 50 Hz;

2. When using a three-phase 380 V power supply in the fog gun machine, the electric box needs a power switch, and the power switch should have a good grounding; the power cord should continue to the equipment electric control box;

3. Regarding the layout of the power cord, please turn off the power switch in front of the control box before starting the operation, and then transfer it to the off state. After the test confirms that there is no power, the wiring operation can be carried out;

4. When using the three-phase five-wire system, when selecting the power cord, the wire diameter should be determined according to the total power determined by the product technical parameters to ensure that the power cord has sufficient load;

5. When dealing with water source problems, a special spray valve is equipped. After passing through the semi-physical valve, the pipeline can continue to the water inlet of the spray gun and the water outlet of the water tank.