Does the vehicle-mounted fog cannon have these characteristics?

DATE:2021-06-30 17:59:25



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The vehicle-mounted fog cannon is named because the fan of the fog cannon is shaped like a cannon, and the sprayed water mist is like a fired weapon, so it is named. Some people also call the spray cannon, spray water cannon, and cannon fog machine. Both are a remote dust removal spray device.

The vehicle-mounted fog cannon can be used for dust suppression, dust suppression, and dust prevention. It has been widely used in mining, chemical, cement, electric power, building materials, stations, garbage treatment plants and other industries. The utilization effect is very good, and it is now common in various regions. Promotion.

What are the characteristics of the vehicle-mounted fog cannon?

1. It can atomize the aqueous solution into a cloud up and down 10μm, so that it can be fully integrated with the smoke and dust, so that the reasonable dust removal rate is increased from 50% to 60% of traditional machinery and equipment to about 98%.

2. After the "clouds and mist" technology is atomized, the "volume" of the aqueous solution can be expanded by about 1,000 times, which greatly improves the reasonable dust removal rate. In addition, the ash removal coverage area of equal water flow has been expanded by nearly 30 times, and the water demand for ash removal of the same total area is evaluated to be less than 5% of the traditional machinery and equipment.

3. The fog cannon spray equipment adopts 350° horizontal rotation and vertical -10°~45° pitch adjustment function to ensure that there is no blind spot in the ash removal process.

4. Fog cannon equipment is equipped with a high-aspect ratio intelligent system, which is easy to use, convenient to maintain, and can be integrated into the high-temperature natural environment.

5. The vehicle-mounted fog gun machine equipment produced by Zhengtong adopts PLC intelligent programming technology, which can maintain multiple functions such as one-key start and stop, remote control and operation, and is convenient to use.