What are the uses of the fully automatic long-range fog cannon?

DATE:2021-07-05 17:45:52



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The automatic remote fog gun machine uses a high-pressure water pump to pressurize the water and inject it through a pipeline into a high-pressure nozzle to atomize and spray it. Then the water mist is pushed to a longer distance by the wind of the fan. The water mist absorbs the fine dust and Suspended particles fall after lifting their own weight, so as to achieve the purpose of reducing dust, cooling, killing, and deodorizing.

The fully automatic long-range fog cannon machine can be used in the following fields:
1. Dust suppression; whether it is a construction site, a demolition site or a mining site, a large amount of dust will be generated on site. This is also the main purpose of the fog cannon. According to government requirements, the site must be equipped with dust suppression equipment.
2. Landscaping; mainly used for cooling and irrigating vegetation or fertilizing and spraying medicine.
3. Deodorization; it can improve the environmental odor, and is generally used in garbage dumps, lakesides where algae bloom in summer, and farms.
4. Fire fighting and emergency rescue; during the epidemic period, the automatic remote fog cannon machine also completed the killing work in many places, and doing more for our disinfection and epidemic prevention work.