What is a mobile fog cannon?

DATE:2021-07-09 16:55:53



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According to the installation method, the fog cannon is divided into fixed type and mobile type. The fixed type is generally fixed on a certain platform or tower. The mobile fog cannon is also a spray type equipment like ordinary fog cannons. It is named for its convenient transition. There are three types of mobile fog cannons: hand-push fog cannon and towed fog cannon. , Vehicle-mounted fog cannon machine.

The hand-propelled fog cannon is equipped with universal wheels and hand push rods. Due to the limited manpower, the hand-propelled fog guns are generally small and light. Suitable for smaller working environments, such as workshop sheds and small coal yards, or lawn maintenance.

The towed mist cannon machine is also equipped with wheels (rubber wheels or universal wheels). The difference from the hand push fog gun machine is that it has a tow bar and no push rod. It does not rely solely on manpower for transitions. Relatively speaking, the water tank It is much larger than the hand-push type, and its application range is relatively wide, such as large stockyards and open-air areas.

The vehicle-mounted fog cannon does not have wheels in terms of appearance. It is directly placed on different vehicles according to the range. It comes with a water tank, can be installed with a generator, and can be used for long-distance transitions. Such as municipal sprinkler disinfection vehicles.