The principle of water spraying and dust removal of long-range fog cannon

DATE:2021-07-12 18:05:48



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When the remote fog cannon machine works, the water is atomized into particles the same size as the dust under high pressure, so that the dust in the air and the water mist are connected to each other. After the accumulation increases, the dust particles in the air will rely on their own gravity. To achieve the purpose of dust reduction.

    When the city encounters smog and the PM2.5 in the air is serious, using a remote fog cannon machine can decompose the concentration of particulate matter in the air, and degrade the polluted particulate matter and dust on the ground in time, thereby purifying the air. effect.

    At the same time, as the dry dust particles in the air sink, they are reserved for water molecules in the space, which can increase the air humidity, absorb the latent heat of the air, and have a good cooling effect.

    Under normal circumstances, the finer the water mist sprayed from the nozzle of the remote fog gun machine, the easier it is to absorb particles. At the same time, the water mist will go with the wind, and there will be no "mud" on the ground.

    The following is the principle of water spray dust removal of the long-range fog cannon:

    1. The long-range fog cannon adopts various mechanisms such as cloud physics, aerodynamics, and the transportation of Stephen's flow, which play a significant role in the process of achieving "respirable dust" trapping by atomizing water mist by the fog cannon.

    2. Ultrasonic atomization test data shows that this technology has better atomization performance for water, and the proportion of droplets with a particle size of <10μm in the mist stream can reach more than 76.8%, so the ultrasonic atomization technology can achieve fine water mist capture dust.

    3. The fine water mist sprayed by the remote fog gun machine is beneficial to the capture of respirable dust.

    4. For fine water mist dust catching, because the particle size of dust and dust catching water droplets are small, certain measures are taken to strengthen the collision, combination, coagulation and sedimentation between particles.

    5. The experimental results show that the size of the droplet has a more significant impact on the dust removal efficiency of respirable dust than the number of droplets.

    6. Compared with the traditional wet dust removal, the water consumption for dust removal is greatly reduced, which reduces the requirements for subsequent equipment and reduces operating costs.