Can high-pressure fog cannons be used in coal yards?

DATE:2021-07-20 14:11:52



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Can a high-pressure fog cannon be used in the coal shed? Of course. The high-pressure fog cannon used in the coal shed is also called the coal yard explosion-proof fog cannon, so what is its speciality?

The coal yard is mainly due to dust generated in the coal stacking area and coal transportation process. The dust characteristic of the coal pile plant is actually fine coal powder, because the net weight of itself is too light, and the upwelling of gas in the air will bring the coal powder to the sky. Coal dust will occur in the process of coal accumulation in the coal pile area, and coal dust will occur during coal loading, unloading and transfer. During the whole process of coal transportation, loading, unloading, and transportation, the dust caused by molecular thermal motion and the particularity of these powders will explode if they are not treated. This leads to serious dust environmental pollution in all industrial and mining plant areas. The natural environment, the human health of the employees, the company’s natural resources and all normal operations have caused great harm. If it is not treated, it will cause serious pollution.

The high-pressure fog cannon for coal sheds produced by Zhengtong fog guns is designed for coal sheds and is suitable for dust removal and dust reduction in coal yards and enclosed coal pile areas. The high-pressure fog gun machine mainly uses the principle of water mist to absorb dust and then settle to remove dust. The dust reduction efficiency is above 95%, which can greatly improve the working environment of the coal yard and effectively reduce the consumption of raw materials.