Vehicle-mounted automatic fog cannon machine assists Zhengzhou's anti-epidemic work

DATE:2021-07-26 17:29:12



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The main job of the vehicle-mounted automatic fog cannon is to reduce dust and temperature, but if the water is replaced with a disinfectant liquid, it can also help eliminate and prevent epidemics.

"Zhengzhou will carry out global disinfection and strive for a new look on the city on the 26th. In order to prevent the occurrence of epidemics after the catastrophe, Zhengzhou is currently mobilizing and covering the entire territory to carry out garbage and debris removal, sludge removal, and disinfection and disinfection. ", and strive for a new look on the city on the 26th to ensure that there is no major epidemic after the catastrophe.

It is reported that Zhengzhou will deal with flooded areas, farmer’s markets, urban-rural junctions, back streets and alleys, residential quarters, unit courtyards, public places (hospitals, supermarkets, schools, stations, five small industries), underground spaces, garbage Transit stations, public toilets and other places thoroughly remove garbage, sewage, and source of disease vectors, complete disinfection and elimination, and complete elimination of disaster-stricken villages. People returning home must be evaluated for elimination before they can move in. Increase the frequency of elimination of temporary resettlement sites, and completely eliminate the resettlement sites after the masses move back. "

The vehicle-mounted automatic fog cannon can be installed on different types of vehicles according to the range requirements. The sprayed disinfectant is mainly chlorine-containing disinfectant (stainless steel nozzle, not easy to be corroded by the chemical liquid), and the effective chlorine concentration is not higher than 250mg /L. The vehicle-mounted automatic fog gun machine uses high-pressure water pump to boost pressure and spray nozzle atomization. The sprayed liquid particles are small, the effective distance is long, and it has no obvious pollution impact on the environment. It has a huge advantage in mobile transition.